Hussy Hicks – “A Million Different Truths” CD (2008)


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The second album by Hussy Hicks gals Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker, together with Tracy Stephens on bass and Rohan Hems on drums.

1. Good things take time
2. A million different
3. My fault
4. Don’t talk to me
5. This time
6. Confusion
7. Six bar jail
8. Lonely
9. Millisecond
10. Sunday song
11. Secrets
12. You are
“HUSSY HICKS has a sound all of its own. The songs on this album are at the same time simple yet endlessly interesting and optimistic yet heartbreakingly honest and raw. It is an album written and sung from the heart, and the music has a real capacity to connect with something universal in each of us.”
– Susan Jarvis, Capital News

“…the Australian girls reminded me and the public what real world music is all about: sweat, beat, tapping feet, feel, passions of smart players and real human beings! You do not need an introduction to know who they are, or to know if they are on MTV or in the top hits list. Just the joy of good music in a live concert……”
–, Italy

“Julz must be the country’s top female player.”
– Phil Emmanuel (in Australian Guitar Magazine)

“[Leesa] spectacular, like Robert Plant in female trousers!”
– Pierpaolo Adda, Guitar Ranch Italy


Anna Angel, Rave Magazine (Brisbane)

Two hussies, one guitar
There’s no room for religious politics in the street press so we won’t cry divine intervention, but I’ll just say it’s a happy coincidence when different pieces of a musical outfit align in one place this well. This folk/acoustic debut is one such coming-together of influences. With the vocals and lyrics of Leesa Gentz and the guitar work of Julz Parker there’s a strange diversity in the sound thanks to the nature of equal collaboration – most tracks either flourish vocally or instrumentally. There are definite moments of musical and lyric gorgeousness, occasionally at the same time. It’s a lot Missy Higgins, a smattering of Tegan & Sara and a wee bit knee-slapping country. Highlights are the understated, vocal-focussed This Time and the oldschool country charm of You Are. The meld of drawn-out, chirpy guitar twang and playful, overly metaphoric lyrics could be too sanguine to handle, except that it’s balanced by downright cynical and sweetly emotive moments.

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