Hussy Hicks – “Life Plays Out” CD (2008)


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The Hussy Hicks are Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz.  ‘Life Plays Out’ is their debut album, released in 2008.


1. Happy     YouTube Video
2. Close your eyes
3. Transparent
4. We climb we fall
5. If I had your heart
6. Texas       
YouTube Video
7. Waterfall
8. We play along
9. Facades & freakouts
10. Play with me
11. Ugly

“Julz Parker’s eclectic approach to the acoustic guitar, initially inspired by her dad’s extensive blues record collection, is rooted in the Emmanuel-esque tradition then inspired by Spanish streets, European gypsies and Arabic intricacies and has been celebrated by guitar enthusiasts all around the world. Leesa Gentz is most recognised for her soaring vocals, endearing stage presence and her ability to express her deepest emotions in every song. Their set touches upon funk-gypsy through folk/country to high energy blues/roots and with their harmonies and intense rhythms they pump out a heck of a lot of sound for two small girls.”  — Hussy Hicks Website

“Julz must be the country’s top female player.” – Phil Emmanuel (in Australian Guitar Magazine)

“[Leesa] spectacular, like Robert Plant in female trousers!” – Pierpaolo Adda, Guitar Ranch Italy 

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