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Save when you buy ‘Camellia,’ ‘Always Francesca,’ and ‘Per Se’ together!

Camellia Track Listing:

  1. Act I
  2. Act II
  3. Act III

More on Kyran and New Flower Garden….

NEW FLOWER GARDEN is the umbrella under which Kyran runs all musical, creative and social projects.

Kyran, an Australia songwriter, producer, musical director and guitarist began performing in his early teens before being recruited to international performances and tours with mentors including Grammy Nominee Tommy Emmanuel AM and Michael Franti. During this same period, Kyran opened for Los Lobos and shared the stage with Yothu Yindi, Jackson Browne, The Cat Empire and Blue King Brown. Following the release of a solo instrumental album in 2007 (the 4th among 7), Kyran toured Japan (the second time promoting the release of a composition on Sony SME compilation album ‘Guitar Paradise’ and performing with Japan’s guitar sensation Kotaro Oshio) before heading to the US opening for Tommy Emmanuel AM on his Summer 2007 North American tour (also detouring to perform with Michael Franti & Spearhead at Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival), before commencing studies at The Berklee College of Music, Boston MA USA on full scholarship, fast-tracking the contemporary writing and production syllabus. 2008 saw a European tour opening again for Mr. Emmanuel, and the continuation of studies at Berklee, before an extended hiatus from the music world from 2010 to 2015. In 2016 Kyran returned to composition, releasing the solo neo-classical album ‘Camellia’ in April 2017 before returning once again to hometown Melbourne to put the writing and production skills honed at Berklee into practice with the pop roster under the umbrella ‘New Flower Garden’, symbolising the supportive and inclusive community Kyran is working to create within the industry.

Parallel to writing, production, musical directing and guitar playing work, Kyran is integrating his passion for social uplift and addressing issues affecting the music community and society at large. 10 Oct 2017 saw Kyran and New Flower Garden stage the first manifestation of this passion, the ‘Celebrate Yes’ concert and fundraiser in collaboration with Equality Campaign in support of the ‘yes vote’ for marriage equality in Australia. Just announced, next in the series, a collaboration with The Global Women’s Project creating an evening of musical discourse on issues primarily affecting women; gender equality and healing societal attitudes towards women, whilst raising funds for the continuation of The Global Women’s Project.

Always Francesca

  1. L’introduction
  2. Quente
  3. The Dance
  4. Always, Francesca
  5. Silk and Cocoa
  6. Femme Fatale
  7. Noites de verao
  8. Belo Horizonte
  9. Aigre-doux
  10. Always…

Per Se

Kieran’s fourth studio album and a phenomenal commercial success. Per Se is currently the perceived epitome of the Kieran Murphy style. A purely solo acoustic album, it is the ‘un-produced’ sound of this album that makes it the perfect parallel to Kieran’s live performances.

Track List:

1. Introduction
2. The Chase
3. Shy
4. Bootleg Escapade
5. Escapade Outro
6. Hope (Green Again)
7. Sangria
8. Southern Run
9. Prelude to East
10. East
11. First Crossing
12. Interlude
13. After The Fall
14. Firetail
15. And Out