Lance Allen – “Naturally” CD (2008)


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‘Naturally’ is the sophomore effort of young Lance Allen, who was born and raised in Kentucky.   In 2008, the year this record was made, he was inducted into the International Thumbpickers Hall of Fame in Muhlenberg, KY and he continues in the proud tradition of Kentucky thumbpicking.

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1. Naturally
2. The Gardener
3. Santaniello’s Dream
4. The Olympians
5. Springtime
6. Beach Walk
7. Play It By Ear
8. Beautiful Day
9. Violet Song
10. Johnny’s Invention
11. The Truth
12. Portrait of an Old Man
13. Elementary Paint
14. After All
15. London Walk
16. Sweet Life

Bio Information

Lance started playing guitar at a very early age. His father would show him things and he knew very quickly that he needed lessons. So he took lessons from a local guitar teacher and began to learn rock and roll tunes from Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, and many others. After a move to Ohio, and a new teacher, Lance began to develop great guitar technique under the guidance of Jimmy Felts, who introduced Lance to fingerstyle guitar.

Lance has made two solo acoustic guitar albums, Sometimes in Life and Naturally. He has also written for numerous publications including MelBay’s guitar sessions, Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, and Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  He can be heard in the US on PBS on programming such as Tennessee Crossroads on Nashville Public Television.

In 2008, upon his induction to the International Fingerpickers Hall of Fame, Lance was invited to London, England and played a sold out concert there for a fingerstyle guitar club.Many people in the music world have heard Lance’s music and have showed their appreciation. Peter Frampton, Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keaggy, Edgar Cruz, John Knowles, Meagan Taylor (Chet Atkins niece), Les Paul, Steve Vai, Pete Huttlinger (Guitarist for John Denver and Leanne Rimes), Richard Smith, Brent Mason and many others are among the finest musicians who have heard Lance’s music.Not only is Lance a motivated and intuitive guitarist, he is very passionate about teaching and even gives guitar lessons online via Skype!

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