Lance Allen – “Us Together” CD (2013)


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The new album from Tennessee guitarist Lance Allen!

Lance Allen was born and raised in Kentucky and took interest in the guitar at 11 years old.  
Being surrounded by music, he began learning songs that his dad could teach him and before long the guitar became his primary interest.
After a lot of practicing and playing, he began to pick the guitar with his fingers and discover the possibilities of fingerstyle guitar. 
He learned songs by Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keaggy, and other great fingerstyle guitarists. Soon, writing his own compositions became a daily part of his life.

With “Us Together”, Lance is continuing his musical guitar journey!

Track Lisitng:

  1. Us Together
  2. Travel Time
  3. Playing With the Planets
  4. Little Bit
  5. Earth
  6. Kansas Town
  7. East Nashville
  8. Rest Your Way Home
  9. I’m Saying I Love You
  10. LJ’s Groove
  11. Jakey Loves Jesus
  12. Russian Fog
  13. Long Island
  14. Dead Weather

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