Mike Rayson – “The Cloud” CD (2009)


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Contemporary Christian artist Mike Rayson with Tommy Emmanuel on guitar. Australian Pastor, singer, and songwriter Mike Rayson has rocked the world with this studio album produced by Phil White in Nashville, Tennessee with some of the best musicians in town. Mike made this album in memory of his son, Sam, who died recently at the age of 11 in a tragic accident. The album is filled with a range of emotions that hits the quick of spiritual truth. Tommy Emmanuel plays on the album and is prominently featured on 4 tracks. The Cloud is a remarkably moving, inspiring album filled with the spirit of praise and worship, as well as soul-stirring melody.


1. Captured
2. Making Memories
3. Just Grace
4. O Hear The Word
5. The Cloud
6. Blessed (Sam’s Song)
7. Footprints
8. Save Me
9. There’s Hope
10. Eternity
11. You Carry Us
12. Never Alone
13. White
14. You Carry Us (Reprise)

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