Muriel Anderson – “A Guitarscape Planet” DVD (2006)


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A Guitarscape Planet blends the magic of a virtuoso concert performance by premiere guitarist Muriel Anderson with stunning scenes of natural beauty that were captured planet-wide all in 1080i High Definition Video and mastered in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Accompanied by the 7 time Grammy winning drummer Paul Wertico, of Pat Metheny fame, Les Paul Trio bassist Nicki Parrott, and renowned cellist Julie Adams.  Muriel’s lush fretwork dazzles on 25 original compositions inspired by earth’s natural wonders.  This High Definition audiovisual experience weaves a tapestry of beautiful concert footage with spectacular scenery and exotic wildlife of land and sea, from the oceans off Bora Bora to the savannahs of Africa.

Chapter Listing:

1 Two Shores        YouTube Video
2 Arioso                Truefire Acoustic Guitar Lesson
3 Moonscape
4 Prelude to a New Morning
5 Sunsets
6 Stroll in the Sand
7 Suite African Day
8 Quiet Pond
9 Lion Kings
10 Vegans
11 Born Enemies
12 Wild Dog Days
13 Pachyderms
14 Sundown
15 Nola
16 Endeavour
17 Flying Rays
18 Waterfalls
19 Crystal Horizon
20 The Peak
21 Great Blue
22 Living Out a Dream
23 Shark Fin Soup
24 Calm Before the Storm
25 Owl’s Psalm

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