Muriel Anderson – “Arioso From Paris” CD (1991)


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(1991) Recorded in Paris, this instrumental guitar music was inspired by many cultures and many places, including the beautiful French countryside.


1 The Minstrel’s Courtyard
2 Along the Seine
3 Arioso
4 Rondelet
5 Parisian Waltz
6 Why Worry (Mark Knopfler)
7 Kojo No Tsuki/Moonlit Castle Ruins (Rentaro Taki 1901)
8 Read My Heart to Me (Muriel Anderson and Billy Edd Wheeler)
9 Etude No. 6 (Lee Brower, Arr. Muriel Anderson)
10 The Three Sisters
11 Campanas del Alba (Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, Arr: Muriel Anderson)
12 Cory’s Tune (Cory Carson, Arr: Muriel Anderson)
13 RosaLee
14 To B or Not To B (Chet Atkins & Randy Goodrum)

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