Stephen Bennett – “Reflections” CD (2006)


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Winner, Just Plain Folks 2009 award for Best Solo Guitar Album!

The sixteen tunes on this CD are a stunning group of reflections from the man Tommy Emmanuel has called “the most important acoustic guitar player in America.”

In this group, written for his three guitars, Stephen reflects on many aspects of life: fireflies on a summer night, the way the moon catches your eye unexpectedly, and reactions to tragedy and one man in politics. 

Track Listings

1. House of Love and Friendship
2. Cherry Blossom Time
3. One Day
4. Long Forgotten Chambers of the Heart
5. Theme for an Imaginary Game Show
6. The Breasts of the World (Song for Colorado)
7. Feel Like a New Man
8. Dance of the Fireflies
9. Reverie
10. Katude
11. Miss Generosity
12. WMD
13. The Moon Tonight
14. Varus Has a Bad Day
15. Jack and Elaine
16. Jonathan

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