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Save when you get Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Labor,’ ‘Guitar Talk,’ and ‘Up Close together!’

More about Emmanuel Labor:

Tommy Emmanuel close up and personal giving instruction on his latest solo acoustic albums. Here’s what’s included:

1. Luttrell
2. Timberlake Road
3. Drive Time
4. Mombasa
5. Those Who Wait
6. Train To Dusseldorf

1. Angelina
2. Endless Road
3. (The Man With The) Green Thumb
4. Old Town
5. Tall Fiddler

1. The Mystery
2. Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag
3. Diggers’ Waltz
4. Lewis and Clark
5. Antonella’s Birthday

Features include ultra slow-pitch instruction on various riffs.

This Multiformat DVD works WORLD-WIDE on any DVD player.

More about Guitar Talk:

Beginner Level.  Tommy’s first instructional DVD – basic fingerstyle technique.  76 minutes.

PAL FORMAT (view NTSC here)

Are you ready to become a better guitar player? Are you interested in seeing how Tommy makes his guitar “talk”? Either way, you’ll find this video by Tommy Emmanuel, often called “…the greatest all-round guitarist in the world today…”, to be informative and inspirational as he draws on 30 years experience to show you, in typical “Tommy style,” the essentials of guitar playing.

You’ll learn how to:

• String and tune your guitar – so that it stays in tune.
• Develop “groove” in your rhythm guitar playing.
• Become a “one man band” – play Guitar Boogie solo.
• Make your melody playing more expressive.
• Make music out of scales… and make the most of your practice.

Along the way you’ll see Tommy playing:

• Guitar Boogie
• Hearts Grow Fonder
• Determination
• Stevies Blues
• Run A Good Race
• Cold Shot
• Silent Night
• Initiation – his tribute to the Aboriginal people of Australa.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find Tommy’s video instructions easy to follow. The segments on rhythm guitar, melody playing and lead guitar are clearly presented and backed up by on-screen “fretboard graphics” and a pdf files on the disc in music notation for the more advanced player. As you watch Tommy in action, you’ll get that inside look at what it takes to make you a better guitar player.

More about Up Close:

120 minutes.  Tommy explains in detail his amazing harmonic technique.  Shows you step-by-step how to play fingerstyles. There are rare insights into some of his more complicated arrangements and featured throughout the video and UP CLOSE detailed and “slowed down” demonstrations and performances of many of Tommy’s songs, including:

• Stevies Blues
• Precious Time
• The Hunt
• Classical Gas
• Day Tripper/Lady Madonna
• Imagine
• Since We Met
• Gollywog’s Cakewalk
• Amy
• Country Wide
• Up From Down Under
• Michelle
• Initiation
• Dixie McGuire
• That’s The Spirit
• Gone To South Australia
• Freight Train
• Trambone
• Windy & Warm
• Road to Gundagai
• Waltzing Mathilda
• Bye Bye Blackbird
• I’ll See You In My Dreams
• Who’s Sorry Now
• Doc’s Guitar
• A Taste of Honey
• Padre
• Keep It Simple

For any guitar player, whether beginner or pro, this video is a priceless gift of knowledge, experience and good music – forever.



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