Tommy Emmanuel – “Fingerstyle Milestones” Interactive CD-ROM (2014)

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The third installment of Tommy’s collaborative guitar instruction lessons with Truefire!

Level:  Early/Intermediate to Advanced

What you get:  Video software (Windows and Mac), PIP, full-screen, looping, slow motion, keyboard shortcuts, 4 sections of learning!

Contents: 97 Total Video Lessons

  • Fingerstyle Milestones
  • Course Orientation
  • Types of Guitars
  • The Thumbpick
  • String Tuning & Guages
  • Types of Fingerstyle
  • Hand Size
  • Memorizing Songs
  • Your Learning Timeline
  • Milestone Marker

Fingerstyle Milestones is an interactive, accelerated learning experience for guitar players who are anxious to swap their flat pick for a thumbpick, develop finger and thumb independence, and explore the polyphonic wonders of fingerstyle guitar.

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For any level guitar player, Tommy guides you through fundamental principles and techniques required to simultaneously play the bass, rhythm and melody parts.  This engaging, hands-on approach will have you playing fingerstyle guitar quicker than you would have ever imagined.

Multi-Angle interactive video lesson player features looping, zooming, keyboard-shortcuts, standard tab, standard notation, Guitar Pro files, text narrative and other handy learning tools and controls. Viewing angles include wide, right-hand, left-hand and composite views.

Types of Guitars, The Thumbpick, String Tuning & Gauges, Types of Fingerstyle, Hand Size, Memorizing Songs and Learning Timeline.

Bass Parts, Palm Mutes, Angle of the Thumbpick, Open Position Etudes and Playalongs in E and C, Barre Chord Etude and Playalong in G, Inversion Etude and Playalong in E.

Accompanying with Lead, The Melody Finger/Hand Posture, Timing: Being in the Pocket, Chords on Beat Etudes and Playalongs in E, C and E7, Syncopated Chords Etudes and Playalongs in E, C and E7, Arpeggios on Beat Etudes and Playalongs in E, C and E7, Anticipating the Beat, Syncopated Arpeggios Etudes and Playalongs in E, C and E7.

Learning Songs, The Method: Beat by Beat, Hammer-ons,  Pull-offs, Using a Capo, Blues, Buffalo Girls, Pinkie Etude in D, Creole Belle Etudes, Thumb-over Etudes in A, Just Bass Thumb-Over Etudes, With Chords Thumb-Over Etudes, Yankee Doodle Dixie Etudes, Stretching Etudes.

NOTE:  This Interactive Video CDRom will run on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.
(For computer use only  –  NOT a physical book, and NOT for use with a DVD player)

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