Tommy Emmanuel – “The Essential 3.0” 3-Disc CD (2010)


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This is a definitive collection of Tommy’s work featuring his best loved tracks.

Tommy’s professional career spans five decades and this collection highlights songs from over the last 25 years.  
Includes collaborations with his brother, Phil Emmanuel and other artists…as well as selections from Tommy’s Grammy-nominated release with the legendary Chet Atkins
This 3CD collection was released in Australia only, and is available now on
Disc One:
1-   Up From Down Under
2-   Michell
3-   The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt
4-   Countrywide
5-   Hearts row Fonder
6-   Blue Moon
7-   Guitar Boogie
8-   Who Dares Wins
9-   Mountain of Truth
10- Determination
11- Initiation
12- From The Hip
13- Imagine
14- When You Come Home
15- Stevie’s Blues
Disc Two:
1-   Tailin’ The Invisible Man
2-   Big Brother
3-   Hellos and Goodbyes
4-   The Journey
5-   Don’t Hold Me Back
6-   Villa Anita
7-   Since We Met
9-   Day Tripper / Lady Madonna
10- Fear Of Rain
11- (Back On The) Terra Firma (w/ Phil Emmanuel)
12- Love Gone West (w/ Phil Emmanuel)
13- Nashville Express (w/ Phil Emmanuel)
14- Them From “Missing” (w/ Phil Emmanuel
15- The Shaker (w/ Phil Emmanuel)
Disc Three:
1-   Classical Gas
2-   The Hunt
3-   Villa De Martin
4-   Midnight Drive
5-   Drivetime
6-   Change For Good
7-   The Day Fingerpickers Took Over The World (w/ Chet Atkins)
8-   Road to Gundaghi / Waltzing Matilda (w/ Chet Atkins)
9-   Fiesta (w/ Slava Grigoryan)
10- Workin’ Man Blues (w/ Troy Cassar-Daley)
11- Mombasa
12- Angelina
13- Somewhere Over The Rainbow
14- Gameshow Rag / Cannonball Rag
15- Lewis & Clark

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