Tracy Rice – “The Musician’s Money Book” (2010)


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Easy Accounting Kit for the Touring Musician

As a musician, one of the challenges you struggle with is how to keep track of all your receipts for road-related expenses and earnings. For many, the idea of facing a mountain of disorganized receipts at tax time is terrifying. There has to be a better way.

Created by Tommy’s friend, touring Canadian singer/songwriter Tracy Rice, The Musician’s Money Book from Hal Leonard is the solution for all musicians struggling to keep their expenses straight, even when faced with the hectic, unconventional conditions of a tour. The system couldn’t be easier—each Musician’s Money Book envelope contains a log where you can list dates, venues, earnings, and expenses, such as equipment rentals, transportation, lodging, and more. Musicians can put their receipts inside the envelope, fill in the appropriate boxes on the outside, seal it up—and put it away until tax time. You can get back to playing music knowing that everything you need to keep track of is organized and secure in your Musician’s Money Book. The book contains twelve envelopes—one for each month of the year—plus six extra envelopes designed specifically to keep track of recording expenses, marketing and advertising, extra earnings like royalties, and more. Not just for taxes, The Musician’s Money Book is also a great way to look back and see where the money went, or to estimate expenses and earnings for your next tour or next year.

The Musician’s Money Book also comes with a bonus reference guide containing invaluable real-world advice from music business experts Dick Weissman, Kenny Kerner, Bobby Owsinski, Bill Gibson, and Steve Gordon. Selected from a broad range of music business books published by Hal Leonard, these articles are packed with savvy tips on leading a band, using viral marketing, distributing music online, getting the best live sound, unconventional ways to earn money from your music, and other essential skills for today’s working musician.

Tracy Rice has been a touring musician for more than 15 years. She has won a Nashville songwriting award, recorded four albums, and played alongside artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Terri Clark, Carole Pope, Jason McCoy, and Doc Walker.


“…this book will pay for itself the first month you use it, and then it will make you money.”
Dave Walker’s Blog

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